Thursday, July 6, 2017

We Stop for Barns!

As tonight's first photo shows...we stop for barns even in the rain!  I drove over to Marie's house and Carolyn, who lives across the street from Marie, walked over to Marie's.  We were on the road by 9am...and, the sun was shining.  The above barn was taken a little after 9:30 am.  The first place that we stopped was to take a picture of this waterfall...note that there is mist rising off the water but the sun is shining...the waterfall was taken at 9:04am.

Not long after the waterfall, we came across a group of goats including several kids.  We decided that they were photo worthy.  Note that the sun was so bright that it "blew out" the background in the top corner of my  goat photo. This was taken about 9:20am.

 About the time we finished capturing the goats on our cameras' memory cards, we looked up and said, "Uh-oh," and this was what we saw in the not so far distance. Isn't that a neat mail box that I captured along with the ominous clouds rolling in!  This was taken about 9:25.
It started raining on us about 9:30am (top picture with the stop sign) and it poured till about 9:50am. So we only had hard rain for about 15-20 minutes. minute I took the photo below with it pouring.
And, the next minute I took the next photo of the same barn...with the rain stopped. If you click on the photos to make them larger, you can really see the rain coming down in both the first picture and the one just above the last photo.

The rest of our trip of around 50 miles was made with only a drip now and then...and mostly those drips were coming from the trees.  We had everything from sunshine, dark ominous skies, and clouds breaking up to show blue sky peeping through.  Our circuitous trip took us to Shelbyville where we stopped for lunch.  While lunching we saw a friend from Tullahoma and several friends from Shelbyville.  I will be using today's trip photos, I imagine, for a while on the blog.  I took quite a few pictures...imagine that!

Woody stayed home and held down the fort.  He made quite a few attempts to do yardwork and also to get his walk in and the weather didn't cooperate for him as well as it did for us on our trip.  He said that he got to the end of our street once and there came a big boom of thunder so he turned around.  He said that it rained off and on most of the day here.  We must have either stayed to the north, south, east, or west of the rain on our trip except for those fifteen to twenty minutes! 

We had a great time driving through the beautiful rolling hills of Middle TN.  We live in such a beautiful state...and, we could see all that our plentiful rains of late have done to keep those hills very, very green and the creeks running swiftly and waterfalls coming out of rocky ledges! We enjoyed seeing and attempting to capture just some of the beauty of God's world today.

Oh, I am hearing rumbles of thunder starting up as I type this...sounds like we are in for more rain...there seems to be a pattern to our weather these days = Rain, Rain, Rain, and MORE RAIN!  It is now pouring!  We certainly haven't had to do any watering of the gardens lately...that's nice!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! It is a beautiful state and your pictures are wonderful!