Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Bit of Gadabouting

Woody got up early and walked his four miles.  Then he went to the local farmer's market a bit earlier than usual as I had plans to go out for breakfast with friends.  I spent most of the morning away from the house eating a leisurely breakfast at one of the local cafes here in town.  Then the three of us walked down to a furniture store and looked around a bit.  By that time it was almost lunch time!  We always have fun when we get together...lots of laughs and catching up...what should we expect when we have known each other for around 40 years!

After lunch (this time I guess I should say after noon, as I wasn't hungry for lunch!), I headed off to the church to work in the library for a couple of hours.  Donna and I did general maintenance (checking books in and out and shelving the ones that had come back) and then started planning our next book order.  I ran a quick errand on the way home.  We are now settling in for the evening...another quiet one.

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