Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Shoes & A Volleyball Game

I took Abigail to get her back to school shoes today.  She wanted them for her first volleyball game.  She is a Lady Knight.  She (lucky #13) only got to practice with her team tonight as she hasn't gotten to practice enough with them this year since she has been "on the road" with her family.  Her Jr. Varsity team is a homeschool team and they play different schools in the area. Abigail is an eighth grader this year. During the first game they kept it pretty close, but the other team took the second game fairly easily.  So the Lady Knights suffered a loss tonight, but it looked like they had fun playing and hopefully Abigail picked up some pointers on the sidelines!

Woody walked four miles early this morning.  I thought that we were going to get a lot of rain, but we only got a little today.  Areas not far from us got LOTS...some got as much as 5 inches and lots of roads were flooded, but we pretty much stayed "high and dry." It's pretty humid.

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