Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Welcome, August!

It looks like this little blue bird is welcoming in the month of August.  Once again it doesn't seem possible that another month of this year has come to a close and another started.  Time certainly is flying whether we are having fun or not!

Woody is off on his second walk into downtown Tullahoma today.  This morning he had a meeting downtown and then this evening he has walked to the prayer room at church.

My activity of the day consisted of driving to do some errands this afternoon.  Esther will be happy that I went shopping as we now have a gift to give her on her birthday the day after tomorrow.  This morning I spent working on straightening up my sewing room, dusting, etc.  I just have to run the vacuum and it will be in good shape to start my online class on Thursday!

Isaac came over to tell us that they had been taking pictures today for his "My Book About Me."  This booklet is a tradition for their kindergarteners...so I guess it is getting to be official that school is about to start.  They went swimming at a friend's pool this afternoon.  They asked us to go so we could watch the newest little swimmers and so I could take pictures, but I knew that I wouldn't last very long outside plus I had my shopping trip planned for the afternoon.

Woody just walked in, I guess that means that we are both settling in for another quiet evening in this Dorrell household.

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