Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Busy August Day

Wednesdays are usually pretty busy.  Woody got up early and walked four miles.  Later in the morning he drove to the local farmer's market and got us some more tomatoes...yummy!  He walked later in the morning and got his hair cut.

I spent the morning getting the beds made that were slept in for the sleepover.  I continued to work in the sewing room too.  I got it vacuumed today so I'm all ready to start  sewing for my sewing techniques class.  After lunch, I went to the church to work in the library.  Donna and I finished up some odds and ends and then left earlier than we usually do.  I headed to WalMart before going home.  Finished up my shopping list that I started yesterday.

Big day tomorrow...celebrating Esther's birthday with the family.  Party! Party!  Plus tomorrow is the day that my sewing online sewing class gets underway.  I'm ready for both.  Esther's gift is all wrapped and ready and the camera is ready to celebrate Esther turning 10.  My sewing room is ready for the first class.  So guess I am ready for Thursday, August 3.

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