Monday, August 7, 2017

Wet Underfoot

We have had some more rain today...once again we seem to be in a rain pattern.  It's so good to be in this kind of pattern rather than a drought pattern.  It's so nice to see things stay green throughout the summer.  I just checked Woody's digital rain gauge and we have had over a 1/2 inch in the last 24 hours...not a tremendous amount...but enough to make it wet underfoot.  I found out when I ran a quick errand next door a little while ago.

Woody got up this morning and had his walk.  He mentioned that it was quite humid while he walked...not all that hot...just humid.  He said about the moment that he got back in the house it began to rain.  So I guess he missed getting drenched.  He made some more blueberry zucchini bread today.  Did I mention that the zucchini that he bought from the farmer's market was huge?  It made four very large loaves of yummy bread. He took a loaf of it to church for the youth before Sunday School snack.  He gave one to the neighbors (Nathan and Kathy and family), we have pretty much wiped one out, and he has one for the freezer.  He left me in charge of getting these two loaves out of the oven, when he went to the Life Care Center for Bible study with Jeff and then went to the hospital to visit a patient.  Then he stopped by an elderly gentleman's house who is in his Deacon family.  He had a busy morning. This evening he came to the "rescue" of Nathan and family.  They were coming back into town from a weekend reunion with Kathy's family in the Smokies.  Three of the family needed to be three different places.  Woody met them at the edge of town at the National Guard Armory to give Graham a change of clothes (that I managed to find) so Graham would be properly dressed at his Civil Air Patrol meeting, then Woody delivered Kathy at a meeting at church, and Nathan drove Abigail to her volley ball practice.

I have had a fun day planning a future adventure.  I have my 50th college reunion from Cottey College in Nevada (not pronounced like the state...the "a" after the "v" is long), MO coming up in April.  I had pretty much decided that I wouldn't go...until...I got an email from our class rep at the end of last week and the email included me in the group of 35 that were going at this point in the planning.  So seeing my name there made me reconsider!  Also a reference to me about me perhaps taking photos at the reunion got my attention...would hate them to "only" have phone pics!  Woody and I talked it over and we decided that we would start making plans to go.  At the moment the plan is that he and I will drive to Cottey.  I made our hotel reservations today.  I don't know how much Woody will just hide out in the hotel room, but he needs to be there as part of my memorabilia!  After all...I met Woody there so he is a part of my Cottey life!  It is an all-girl college to this day...Woody happened to bring his heart broken roommate over to Cottey for a dance...and ended up changing his own life forever!!!  And, literally I saw him across a crowded room and decided that he was the person that I wanted to spend that evening with.  He took me to my first Cottey reunion after we had been married for a week and now he will take me to my 50th at which point we will have just recently celebrated our 49th anniversary.  From what I understand the current chef at Cottey is fantastic so perhaps Woody will be rewarded for his "sacrifice" through some good eating! I have been Facebook Instant messaging today with Cottey friends and emailing my roommate and other friends.  Our class goal is to have 50 or more at our 50th. I'm hoping that my roommate will be able to come.  This should be fun..I think!

Now I have my sister's visit, Cottey reunion, and my sewing classes to look forward to.  Lots of activities seem to be popping up. I guess I am kicking up my heels like the calf in tonight's picture!

And, with that thought of me kicking up my heels (Never in your wildest dreams could I any more kick up my heels at this point in my life!), I think that it is time to settle in for a quiet evening after all the "excitement" in our day!

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