Friday, August 11, 2017


It has been a fairly normal Friday for us.  Woody got up early and walked his four mile circle.  Later in the morning, he went to the grocery stores to do our weekly shopping.  While he was at the store, I cleaned out the refrigerator...getting it ready for more food when he got home.  I put away the groceries.  For our supper I made a recipe of Mother's for pork chops and mashed some red potatoes with the skin new favorite way to make mashed potatoes...much easier than peeling them...and we really like them that way.  It wasn't very long after we ate, that I sat down in my chair to rest for a few minutes...and the next thing I knew it was past time to blog!  Then when I did get in here, the computer decided to be as slow as molases.  Kathy and I talked today and we came up with a schedule for my part of their school week.  We will try the new schedule this next week.

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