Friday, August 4, 2017


And, here we are back to Friday...they seem to roll around all too often these days...not that I don't like Friday...but it just seems like I blink and it is Friday again.  Woody walked early this morning.  Then a bit later in the morning he did our weekly shopping.  Today making stops at Aldis, WalMart and Kroger. When he got back home I put the groceries contribution to the grocery effort!

I worked some more on my sewing technique class.  The teacher had a problem getting the video to downloaded...but took a tremendously long time.  She started it downloading yesterday evening and it didn't fully download till this afternoon!  I worked on getting pages printed out for my notebook while I waited.  I also got the list of sewing club members names ready to download onto our sewing club page on Facebook.  It isn't totally complete, but at least it is there for folk to refer to it and act as a reminder to those who haven't given the information yet.  I will update it later when the information is complete. I enjoyed watching the first video when it finally downloaded mid afternoon today.  She is a very good teacher and does a very precise job explaining techniques.

Woody put together another batch of what I call "meat loaf burgers"...again...not my favorite...but they tasted pretty good tonight with a nice slice of tomato on them.  Woody is enjoying burgers at the moment since we have a good supply of fresh tomatoes.

He did a little watering this afternoon and perhaps that is what brought us a shower or two a little after he watered.  He also got caught in the first shower as he was out shucking corn when it started up without much warning.

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