Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lots of Green = Poor Visibility Sometimes

Tonight's pictures show why it is hard at times to get pictures of barns in late spring and summer.  Green just takes over here in Tennessee.  These barns will be easier to see once the leaves start to late fall, winter and early spring make for the best time around here to be able to really see what is along the side of the highways and byways!

Woody really had a busy morning.  He start his day with a really early morning walk.  Later in the morning, he headed to the Post Office to mail a package for me.  Then I don't know in what order but he went to the library, registered Elijah for Fall Ball, picked up some free Major League Baseball stickers for Elijah, visited at the hospital, and went to Aldis.  I may have even left something out...I'm not sure.  I know that he left a little before 9am and didn't get back home till after noon.

I continue to work on samples for my sewing class/club.  I am working on setting up a notebook.  So far I have done two samples to put in the notebook.  I have been checking out stitches and their settings and then recording them on the technique sheets that go in the notebook.  I watched the class video again...probably a couple of times...but part of the time it was just running as background noise...I wasn't actually watching.  I did learn a new "skill" to save a video from Facebook onto my computer.  That way I don't have to be dependant on an internet connection to watch it.

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