Saturday, August 12, 2017

It's Been 17 Years!

Happy 17th anniversary to Nathan and Kathy!  They have had a busy day.  Kathy and Abigail left early to go to a church conference in Nashville and Nathan left shortly after them for a meeting in Cookeville.  Abigail came home with the church group after the conference.  Nathan picked up Kathy after her meeting and they went on an anniversary date somewhere between Nashville and here.

Woody headed over next door before Nathan left this morning and we have rotated back and forth during the day.  He stayed next door most of the time.  I took advantage of Woody not sitting in his recliner and ended up spot cleaning it.  He still isn't sitting in it as it hasn't quite dried.  It must be a week that I have been in the mood for my mother's recipes as today I made her recipe for Boston Baked Beans.  They take all night soaking and then all day cooking.  They were done just in time for supper.  One of the times that I went next door for a while, Woody went visiting at the hospital. After he got back from visiting, I headed back to the house and put the final touches on the Sunday School lesson that I'm teaching tomorrow.  Woody is home now and as soon as he got home he started making his favorite recipe for slaw.  He likes to have slaw when we have baked beans.  Anyway, it seems to have been a busy day all, cleaning, keeping an eye on six children, Sunday School lessons, hospital visiting...yup...a pretty full day!

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