Monday, June 12, 2017

A Quiet Day in the Neighborhood!

I was thankful for a quiet day in our least as far as I know it was quiet.  A good morning to sit on the front porch and take pictures of our neighborhood birds!  I love the markings on the red headed woodpeckers.  They are pretty when they fly see a white band when they fly away.  This one is checking in on each of you, my blog readers!

Woody walked four-miles this morning.  He also got out the sprinkler and hose and watered some of our gardens...figuring that watering would make it far it hasn't!  I did a little watering today too.  He went to the Life Care Center to have Bible study with Jeff and then visited several church members who either reside there or are there for rehab. When he got home he made a recipe of  his Crispy Quinoa Burgers...rather a messy job.  But he now has some in the refrigerator when he feels like a "burger."  This evening he went to Monday night prayer meeting and stopped at the public library on his way home.  He picked up a couple of this year Newberry Award winner/honor books.

Oh, and shortly we should have a whole new car...we got notified of another recall on our 2014 Ford Fusion today.  Woody called the dealership about it and they told him to bring it on in as it was a quick fix...something to do with the front seat seatbelts. And, it must have been a quick fix as he wasn't away very long at all.

I cut out the back for a front porch pillow and have it pinned to the to get it to the sewing machine.  Then I will be ready to stuff it and have another pillow done.  I just don't have much inclination to do much of anything today.  It has been quite hot today and "maybe" that is what has sapped all my energy.  It definitely feels like summer today.

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