Thursday, June 8, 2017

Almost Time to "PLAY BALL!"

I'm going to post early as we will be heading off to the ball park shortly.  Elijah and Graham just finished eating supper with us as they are the only of the Dazzling Dorrells in town at the moment.  Their family continues to do a Vacation Bible School in a neighboring town.  Tonight is the first game for Elijah's team in a single elimination if they win they will play tomorrow night...if they lose the ball season is over for his team.

Woody had a meeting in downtown Tullahoma today so he chose the walk there and back as his exercise for the day.  He said that he did the tiniest amount of yard work...guess he was taking a well deserved break from all his weeding and mulching!

I have the top of the next pillow for our front porch ready for the sewing machine.  Isaac spent some time over here this afternoon.  He has a funny joke that he learned at camp.  He says: "Look under there."  And, you say: "Under where?" and then he cracks up laughing that you said: "Underwear!"  Besides joke telling, he read four stories from his Dick and Jane book.  He hasn't forgotten how to read so far in his summer time off!

Well, I guess the boys are eating their brownies so I guess I had better go get my cameras ready to head off to the ball  park.  Go, GIANTS!

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