Monday, June 5, 2017

It's Raining! It's Pouring! Elijah Will Do No Scoring!

This is the view out our bedroom window just a few minutes ago.  And, as the title of tonight's blog tells...there will be no game for Elijah's team.  Tonight was to be there last regular game of the season with a tournament to follow later in the week.  It has been decided that tonight's games won't be made up so the tournament can begin as scheduled.

Today I have been doing several household chores...mainly in the kitchen.  We had a problem with the refrigerator over the weekend and had been working to right the problem.  We think, at least for the moment, that the problem has been solved.  I still think that something more is going to have to be done...but it is working and temperatures in both the freezer and refrigerator are back to where they are supposed to be.  Woody discovered that we had a problem just prior to church yesterday morning so he quickly took frozen items next door and put them in one of their freezers.  We brought them back today and all is well at the moment. I gave the counters a good cleaning and rearranged a couple of things...tried to place a cutting board in a different just doesn't belong on that side of the moved it back...but more away from the sink so that "perhaps" water won't get under it! This afternoon I dried some of the herbs that we are growing.  I plan to go down and crumble them up and put them in their herb jars after I blog.  I also made Blueberry Cream Cheese Bars. Our Sunday School Class is having a brunch in the morning and I am taking the bars as my share of the food. They are so good! We always have many good things to eat when we get together...also lots of laughs.

Woody got up early and worked on weeding and mulching the garden that is pictured above...isn't it looking good! It looks finished from this side of the garden, but he still has work to do on Nathan and Kathy's side of the garden. He siad that it was REALLY humid while he was weeding.  Kathy came over and commented on how humid it was when she walked this morning.  I guess our air is really saturated due to all the rain that we have been having.  So we will probably be in for steamy days ahead...typical Tennessee weather!  It wasn't long after Woody came in that the rain started up again and it has rained off and on all day..  It had rained a lot last night and then several times in the night I heard it start up again.  I think that we are going from drought conditions to flood conditions!  I am hoping that drought conditions will stay away even as we get into summer.  Woody went to the Life Care Center this morning to have Bible Study with Jeff.  He also walked around and tried to visit with several other friends who reside at Life Care. He also stopped at the library as he didn't get to go on Saturday.  The rain has kept Woody from taking a walk today. He left a few minutes ago to go to church for the Monday night prayer meeting.

Now to sum up the day for me...I will tell a funny.  Our grandson, Isaac, loves to have "jammie days"...sometimes he even comes over here to have school with me in his jammies because he has declared it a "jammie day."  Well, I realized a little while ago that today has been a "jammie day" for me...I hadn't meant it to be...but...I went downstairs early to work on the refrigerator problem and then got busy on other things in the kitchen.  I guess I was comfortable and just didn't think about it.  I realized it after lunch and started to get my clothes distracted by something and just never got dressed...I guess I would have gotten dressed if Elijah had had his ball game...but...didn't have to ever go out of the here I sit still in my jammies at the end of the day writing the blog!  I guess it has been a "lazy, rainy, comfy, jammie day" for me! I think that Isaac would be proud of his Grammy for choosing "his kind of day!"

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