Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Weeded, Watered & Walked

Now add "Woody" to tonight's title: Woody weeded, watered, and walked...and try to say it fast ten times!  Woody couldn't even say it once when he told me what he had done today!

This little Carolina Wren was just singing its little heart out yesterday while I was sitting on the front porch...serenaded me with a very sweet song!

tToday I worked on cleaning up the front porch some more.  Got the glider love seat ready for the first sest of pillows that I have made.  I ordered cushions online  for one of the rockers and still have two more pillows to make. Then the front porch will be all spruced up.

After lunch, I headed off to work in the church library for a couple of hours.  We are getting close to being finished with reading the shelves.  I finished the fiction today and found several of the reasons that it is good to carefully look at the order the books are on the shelves every so often.

Trying to keep the doors locked even though Bonnaroo is over!  There is so much coming in and out that it is hard to have it locked all the time.  I have convinced Woody to make sure that it is locked if he goes out walking early when I am asleep.  Today I will admit to jumping when Elijah came into the kitchen and I didn't hear him come in! A welcome intruder this time!

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