Friday, June 16, 2017


These two little Carolina Chickadees and several others in a flock entertained Woody and me for a while a couple of days ago while we sat on the front porch.  They were really looking out for each other..."talking" away to each other and even feeding each other seeds.  Looks like they were very good friends!

Woody went for a four-mile walk this morning.  Later in the morning he did our now weekly grocery shopping at Aldis and Kroger.  He also made cookies for the neighbors (Nathan, Kathy and family).

I was in a reading mood at the start of the day.  I finished an e-book last night and had another in the wings that I need to go on and read or they will whisk it away from me in about a week.  Around noon, I got a call from one of Tullahoma's of the policemen who arrested "my" intruder last Saturday.  He was completing the arrest form and needed to know exactly what prescription meds were in Woody's weekly pill container that the intruder "happened" to have in his pocket after he was aprehended.  They needed to know how many pills of each were in the pill box and whose prescriptions they were.  I gave him the information that he needed and then asked him a couple of questions. I found out that the young man is in jail in the Coffee County Jail and that he was in his 20's. Several people had asked me how old he was and I had guessed late teens to mid 20' I got pretty close.  I spent some time this afternoon organizing a meal for one of our Sunday School members whose mother passed away this week.  I also chose thread to sew out a machine embroidery design for one of the porch pillows.  And, I just remembered that I have clothes in the drier that need to come out.  That about sums up what I have done today.

Nathan put together Elijah's birthday present while the rest of the family was at Vacation Bible School. He and several of his siblings tried it out this afternoon.  It's what, I think, is called  a "pitch back."  It is taught mesh attached to a metal frame that the children can throw balls at and they bounce back to them.  It will let Elijah and the girls practice pitching and/or just throwing the ball and then attempting to catch it when it comes back. I think that they will all enjoy it in one way or another.  Even the youngest was enjoying taking turns throwing at it.  A good way for them to continue practicing their ball skills when it is off season! The black rectangle is where Elijah needs to pitch to throw strikes for players in his league

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