Friday, June 2, 2017

On the Road Again...and Again!

This morning Goosey (Woody), Elijah, and I headed off around 6:45 to meet up with Kathy.  Once again we were meeting at the half-way mark between here and where the Dazzling Dorrells are ministering at a camp that is two hours away.  We made plans to meet back up with Kathy and Elijah late this afternoon to bring Elijah back for tonight's game.  We were part way to our meeting place this afternoon when Kathy called and said that they had a change in plans.  In the end we turned around and came back home and Kathy and Elijah drove all the way back to Tullahoma.  The game got over a while ago and Kathy and Elijah are back on the road again to go back to camp. Elijah has made good friends at camp and wants to spend Saturday with them.

Elijah's team, the Giants, lost both last night's game and tonight's...but they held their own playing against the two top teams.  They came away from both games with their heads held high!

Woody did our Friday grocery shopping at Aldis and Krogers today after we got home from our early morning journey.  We stopped at Aldis on the way back from taking Elijah this morning.  So I actually participated in some of our grocery shopping today.

Woody has a meeting in the morning and will probably go to the library after the meeting before we hit the road again...this time going to pick up Joy and maybe Esther.  Esther has made good friends at the camp so is reluctant to leave them to come back to Tullahoma to play softball.  We're not sure if we will be taking Joy (and Esther if she comes) back to the half-way meeting spot or if she/they will stay with us till their family returns to Tullahoma on Sunday.  I don't know how the Dazzling Dorrells do all their trips.  I know that my head is spinning just from the few that we have made this week!

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