Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Some Like It Hot!

It's been a hot day here in Middle Tennessee.  Even the birds are looking for puddles made by the sprinkler so they can cool off!  Woody decided to walk early while it was still in the 70's.  He walked to and from the prayer room at church...had his prayer room time early instead of after supper.  On my way home from getting my hair cut, the bank thermometer said that it was 91 and that made me look at what the car said that the temperature was and the car said 90...close enough...and either were hot!

I stayed in most of the day except for heading out to get my hair cut.  I am working on the third pillow for our front porch sonce I finished the first two last night.  I did do a little cleaning today...but not enough to notice...unless you are me and know that I did it!  Woody did do some watering of the gardens early this morning...the watering still hasn't brought any rain...maybe we need to wash the car!

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