Thursday, June 15, 2017

War Declared!

War has been declared between me and either this fella pictured or one of his many relatives that roam the trees in our yard.  Just before I came up to blog, I happened to notice that a rascally squirrel had taken up a perch in our bird feeder...our new feeder lets them lounge while eating. I love to pull the front door open quickly and scare our uninvited guest.  Boy can they jump quite a distance into a bush...but then they just sort of shuffle off and hide behind either a branch or tree trunk till I have my back turned once again.  Sneaky little fellas...rather bold at times too.  Oh, well, I guess I have some bird food that I can share with them...but I much prefer birds at our feeders!

Woody went for a four-mile walk this morning...trying to get his walk in while it was still slightly cool even if muggy.  He has worked on this laptop today trying to defrag and delete really old emails, etc.  I guess trying to encourage it to speed up...and it was acting a bit better just now when I logged on.  He went next door late afternoon to "grandchildren sit" while their parents went on their Thursday evening date.  While he was over there, Elijah's birthday present was delivered so I have a feeling that he got Graham to work on getting it put together.  Woody has just walked back in so I guess I will find out what Elijah thought about his gift. Elijah is getting his gift early since they will be in Poland on his birthday.

I spent most of the morning working on Sunday's Sunday School lesson.  This afternoon we had a storm blow through so it was a good afternoon to read a good book. Woody thinks that he brought the rain since he watered a couple of things with the watering can earlier in the day. The gardens are once again happy since they got rained upon this afternoon.

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