Saturday, June 3, 2017

More Hitchhikers + A Double Header

After Woody's meeting this morning, we headed off to pick up the girls.  They had a double header in the hot afternoon sun...well, it was cloudy for part of the time...but it was still HOT!  The games were kept on schedule so they started when they were supposed to and on the last game the ump said that we would play five more minutes and then it would be over...and when the five minutes were up we were ahead!!!  Their team won both games.  They were pretty happy on the ride back to our house.  We have had supper and now Esther is wanting to know what bedtime snack is going to be!  I'm not sure that my brain can wrap around meals AND snacks!  It's a tradition at their house to have a bedtime guess it is going to be carried on to our house.  I suggested popcorn and Esther reminded me that Joy can't have popcorn because of her braces.  So...guess that it may have to be cherry yogurt...don't know how exciting that will sound to them...but at the moment this grammy needs something simple!  I feel like I played a double header!  Tonight's middle picture shows Esther getting ready to steal from first base after she walked.  She walked three times and scored all three times.  Joy made two base hits and crossed home plate to score on one of those hits.  Well, I guess I am off to figure out bedtime snack.  We're going to read the book that Esther and I have been reading in school for their bedtime story.  I hope that my eyes stay open long enough to read to them!

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