Friday, June 9, 2017

Guess What!!!!!

We're going to head to the ball park in a few minutes!  Elijah's team pulled off a win from a team that they hadn't beaten all the Giants are still in the play-offs!

Woody did our now weekly grocery shopping.  He went to Kroger, Aldis and WalMart...busy morning.  This afternoon he went to visit a boy in his Sunday School class who hadn't been to class in a while.

Joseph spent some time with this morning.  We ended up reading a new library book that Goosey (Woody) had gotten at the library last week.  We read it at least three times!  After lunch, I worked on the next pillow for the front porch...the top is now ready for a back.  Joy and I got shoes this afternoon at our local shoe store that still measures your feet! I love shoe shopping there.  Of course I have known the owner since she was a child.  Elijah ate supper with us. Abigail didn't go to VBS with her family tonight and has stayed at home. Heading over to get her in a minute.  The boys (Goosey and Elijah) are having batting practice.

I will end saying: ""GO GIANTS!"

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