Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer (Well...Almost) Fun!

What could be more fun on a summery afternoon than two little boys with BIG squirt guns?  They were having the best time and it really got fun when one of their big sisters joined in...but she only had a little squirt gun!  Wonder who got the wettest! I kept reminding them that I had a camera and not to shoot me...and I didn't get wet at all!  They were having too much fun getting their sister!

Woody got up and walked first thing this morning.  Later in the morning he headed off to the library, the Credit Union, and WalMart.  He has been spending quite a bit of time reading the last few days.  He has two of this year's Newberry Award winners.  I know that he finished one yesterday and has been reading the second one today.  Lately the Newberry Award winners have been in the fantasy genre...not exactly his favorite type of book!  He didn't care for the first one that he read, but he said that the one he is reading now is much better.

I continue to be on the recieving end of emails about the meal that we are getting together for a friend's family. The challenge this time is getting it together for between 40-50 people!  But as always our class is coming through and I don't think that her family will go hungry!  I am going to cook a ham and make many, many deviled eggs.  The eggs are cooked and peeled and awaiting deviling...I will finish them Monday morning just before taking them to the family.  I plan to bake the ham tomorrow so it will be refrigerated and ready for them to slice when they eat.  The rest of the food is up to the rest in our class!

After peeling a lot of eggs this morning, I had to do a little shopping.  The shopping trip didn't start out the best...just before my turn to check out I went to pull out my billfold and I didn't have it.  Woody had given me some money and I hadn't getten it back in my purse!  Luckily they hadn't started checking me out and we just stacked up my things and I told the check-out person that I would be back shortly and to please set aside what I planned to purchase.  (I'm so glad that I wasn't at WalMart where I was planning to buy a lot more...this store was easier to leave and come back.)  Off I went, found my wallet on the kitchen table and off I went again on my shopping "spree!"  I got back to the store, paid for my purchases and headed off to Walmart.  I don't shop often...I had been adding things to a list for a while and just hadn't made it to the store so I had several things on my list...the birds will be happy (seeds and suet cakes), my plants will be happy (plant food), and on and on...I made my purchases and headed back home.

By the time I got home I was about beat, but had planned to cook a slab of spare ribs that Woody had bought yesterday.  I prepared them with a dry rub and popped them in a slow oven for a couple of hours. After I got all the spices for the rub back in the cabinets, I headed upstairs and immediately (just about) fell asleep upon sitting down!  I slept till just a few minutes before the ribs were to come out of the oven.  Perfect timing!   I will say that they were and still are finger lickin' good...and, enough left so we can have them again tomorrow for Father's Day!

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