Thursday, June 1, 2017

Recall Fixed...Just in Time...

Woody got the phone call around noon that our Ford Fusion door latch recall was fixed.  I guess you could say...perfect we needed to head off to pick up Elijah for his ball game tonight.  Kathy and Elijah met us half-way between where they are ministering at a camp and our house.  It was about an hour drive for both vehicles.  We got Elijah and turned around and headed home and Kathy headed back to the camp.  This week has been an especially busy week for the Dazzling Dorrells...both having to do lots of programs and other duties along with trying to get Elijah, Joy and Esther to their games back here...a two hour drive one way if going from camp to the games.  Elijah will spend the night with us and then we will take him back to the half-way point early in the morning as he needs to be at the camp for the morning program that they are doing tomorrow: "The Prodigal Son" and Elijah is the Prodigal he definitely needs to be there to do his part!

Woody got his walk in early this morning since he knew that he would be involved with transporting Elijah from one point to another this afternoon.  As soon as we got back, Elijah and Goosey (Woody) went out to have some batting practice, while I fixed our supper.  We have eaten and I decided that it would be a good idea to blog before the game tonight since I will have a little charge to get off to bed pretty soon after the game.  I think that the camp is wearing some of them out.  Elijah has had two different swimming times today at the in the creek and one in the swimming pool.  He should sleep well tonight!  I took tonight's photo on the way to get Elijah this afternoon...everything is so green and pretty due to all the rain that we have been getting.  We even had a short shower on our way home...but so far none in Tullahoma so ball field should be okay to play on tonight.

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